• Singapore Couple Delivered after 18 years and after 8 I.V.F Failures - Tamil Version
  • Singapore Couple Delivered after 18 years and after 8 I.V.F Failures - English Version
  • Accommodation for In - Patients at all ranges, round the clock medical care
  • Team of eminent docotrs, well trained technical staff, state of the art IVF Lab, hi - tech Labour Room, state of the art Operation Theatre, hi - tech Intensive critical care Unit
  • Regular Participation in Internation Conference on IVF, updating with latest techniques
  • Ensure consistently high Success Rate in IVF treatment
  • Child born to a Woman undergone family planning operation( Tubectomy) , naturally after recanalization procedure
  • Child born to Woman without Uterus ( suffering from MRKH syndrome)
  • Baby to a Paraplegic Patient (Having Senseless Lower Body) through TESA / PESA method
  • More than 20,000 Babies born through IUI
  • More than 10000 Test Tube Babies born so far
  • Produced First Test Tube baby at Erode
  • 60000 infertile couples provided with consultation
  • 40,000 Laparoscopic surgeries
  • 24 Test Tube Babies born in a single day
  • 64 IVF babies in single cycle
  • Test Tube Babies Born to couples aged over 55 years
  • Regular conferences & workshops conducted under the aegis Sudha Test Tube Baby Center
  • Every month free medical camps

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