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LIT Treatment enables one to conceive miscarriages

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Sometimes we fight with ourselves for those reasons, which are not actually in our hands. Infertility is such a crucial issue that is also inexplicable for those couples who are trying hard for several years. We can’t judge couples just by reviewing them on the normal medical analysis. Sometimes we can’t define their failures when we are also not sure about their problems.

Every morning sharp at 10 when I reach my clinic, I see distressed faces, desperate minds, and searching eyes. Those couples are looking at us that yes, you can complete our relationship, our family, and our life.”We also want to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

A few months ago, I came to know that a lady with severe abdominal pain is waiting for me. I think the time was 9:30 am. She told me that she had 4 weeks pregnancy, which she was blessed with after multiple miscarriages. Since last night she was having immense abdominal pain. I took her to the labor room and checked all her medical reports. I admitted her and cured her with medication. She recovered quicker than my expectation. When she was leaving my clinic, I suggested her not to have natural intercourse or plan a baby for at least 3 months.

When she visited me after three months, I could see that hope of motherhood in her eyes. I suggested her to have some medical checkups, and after 3 days when I saw her medical reports I learnt  that though medically she could conceive, due to immunological issues, it was difficult for her to carry a baby.

I suggested her LIT, Lymphocyte immune therapy . This technique is used for women who are facing recurrent miscarriages. This failure arises due to immunity problems and the body doesn’t allow the foreign material produced by the husband. To resolve this difficulty, a small dose of husband’s WBC is injected into the wife’s body from time to time. Also, this technique desires to be completed before one month for those who are planning to conceive; moreover, it relies on numerous tests such as TNF-alpha, Natural Killer Cell, and TH1 Cytokine.

The therapy progresses according to the body stage of the prospective mother.After following LIT, we finally got a successful pregnancy and she delivered a beautiful baby in December.