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Singapore Couple Delivered after 18 years and after 8 I.V.F Failures.

Accommodation for In - Patients at all ranges, round the clock medical care

Team of eminent docotrs, well trained technical staff, state of the art IVF Lab, hi - tech Labour Room, state of the art Operation Theatre, hi - tech Intensive critical care Unit

Regular Participation in Internation Conference on IVF, updating with latest techniques

Ensure consistently high Success Rate in IVF treatment

Child born to Woman without Uterus ( suffering from MRKH syndrome)

Baby to a Paraplegic Patient (Having Senseless Lower Body)/ PESA method


More than 20,000 Babies born through IUI


More than 10,000 Test Tube Babies born so far


Produced First Test Tube baby at Erode

60,000 infertile couples provided with consultation

40,000 Laparoscopic surgeries

24 Test Tube Babies born in a single day

Regular conferences & workshops conducted under the aegis Sudha Test Tube Baby Centre

Every month free medical camps