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Sudha Hospitals – Premium IVF center in Bengaluru

Parenthood is bliss from above that makes a family complete. But not all are lucky enough to procure them. The stressful work conditions and unhealthy lifestyle has given rise to many fertility issues that make it hard to conceive. However, every problem has its optimal solution. With rapid advancements in medical science, it is now possible for infertile couples to procreate and experience their blessing of life. Sudha Hospital is one of the reputed IVF centers in Bengaluru, offering the best fertility treatments to date.

Many promise results, but only the best deliver results with evidence-based fertility treatment. Parenthood is an anticipated emotion, and we can help you realize it with our best-in-the-industry services. Walk into Sudha Hospitals Bengaluru for the world-class treatment and walk out with a bundle of joy.

IVF treatment is an intricate process. So, to make the process stress-free for the couple, our medical team offers counseling sessions and elaborates on IVF before the commencement of the medical procedure. Our techniques have higher success rates that assisted many infertile couples to conceive with ease.

Whys and wherefores to choose Sudha Hospitals

Reputed IVF treatment center

We pioneer in providing the best IVF treatments for more than two decades with high success rates.

Affordable services

We are committed to delivering our patients effective and within your means of treatment.

Hi-tech infrastructure

Our fertility center has cutting-edge IVF lab facilities that ensure results.

Experienced professionals

We have a highly-qualified team of doctors, counselors, and embryologists who offer personalized attention and treatment to each patient during the entire process.

Advanced IVF techniques

We deploy the latest technologies and methodologies related to IVF treatments at our fertility center.

Result-oriented services

We top the industry with an exceptional 80% success rate.


The hospitable nature of our professional team helps establish a sense of the reliable relationship between patient and doctor.

One-stop solution

All the possible services related to the IVF treatment are available at our hospital premises, so our patients need not go elsewhere for any related procedure.

Sudha Fertility and IVF center

Fertility issues are common to both genders. Ovulation disorders, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, and much more contribute to the increasing number of fertility cases nowadays. So, as a result of sweat, blood, and tears of the researchers has resulted in a process termed as In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer. The specialists inseminate the female eggs and male sperms in an IVF lab. When the embryo is healthy enough, the specialists inject them into the mother’s uterus or surrogate mother (due to any original mother’s uterus issues)

When we trace back to the medical history of IVF treatments to the 1970s, mothers who had fallopian tube disorders underwent these procedures. It is followed to date but with the incorporation of advanced technologies to deliver results for infertile couples.

Sudha Hospital has the best IVF center in Bengaluru to provide fast and practical solutions to patients with its evidence-based treatments. We have offered genetic healthcare solutions and treated more than 150000 fertility cases to deliver the anticipated parenthood dreams. Our team of doctors and researchers is striving to come with simple and effective reproductive techniques. Our IVF experts also offer counseling sessions to help the patient get their best treatment.

Our Facilities

Our amenities at IVF Hospitals in Bangalore include the following, but are not limited to them:

    Round-the clock pharmacy
  • Hi-tech operation theaters
  • State-of-the-art IVF lab
  • More than 50 in-patient beds
  • Dedicated NICU
  • Labor room for safe childbirth

Sudha Hospital is the top fertility center in the country dedicated to delivering transparent services and IVF treatments. Parenthood makes you realize one of the fascinating phases of life. Thus, as the best IVF hospital in Bangalore, we go that extra mile to make it happen.

21, Door no - 1534, Main, 7th Cross Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka

+91 8270477007



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